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Sugar Daddy subconsciously choose a sugar baby by smell

Free sugar daddy site  allows you to find the best sugar daddy, As long as people, it must be sentimental, Sugar daddy customs million kinds of course, do not need to have substantial material base, the situation caused by material wealth, such as dirt dirt. Sugar daddy customs million or in a love word, as long as the use of the truth, even if the romantic everywhere, and never indecent.

Of course, the world’s men are still a good man, the man’s style is to respond to thousands of people or the pursuit of their beloved woman, the so-called “My Fair Lady, a gentleman Haokao, wish for, tossing and turning”, no longer than the 16 words Situation and style of the storm more than a thousand kinds of appropriate words. Said a woman than a man infatuated, in fact, not, but the woman’s infatuation generally form on the outside, while men are more hidden in the heart.

Men’s customs million kinds of course, do not need to have substantial material base, love, material wealth, such as dirt and dirt. Men’s style million or in a love word, as long as the use of the truth, even if the romantic everywhere, and never indecent, such as Liu Yong, Zhou Bangyan and other predecessors Ci, life waves in the singing girl dancers, , But do not have some respectable sigh of the different kind of style, which is the customs of the romantic realm, not with the downstream can be the same language.

As long as people, it must be sentimental, that is, a monk who is no exception, “a young man a romantic thing, only to know the beauty alone,” “poor infinite spring injury, stop in the needle without a word,” “Spring annoying , Orioles fly green Yang Yin, “these verses, are derived from the Tao of the monks. Indeed, China’s Zen Zen attaches importance to all negative emotions to negate, then there will be “all colors, is the Buddha color”, “Avenue of the real body, sound and color,” and so on. But the monk’s affectionate more emphasis on a kind of “affordable, let go” real romantic realm, and secular people’s passionate, often can not afford to let go, all the past, many are unable to stop Love War.

As for now, the traditional moral constraints have become more and more non-binding, men and women seem to have more reason to indulge their indulgence, so the spread of one-night stand everywhere, especially the new new human, it seems understandable. But after all, is the higher animals, the true feelings of sympathy, after all, people are bones of desire, because not find the truth and indulgence, this is the modern people to indulge their own reasons. But the truth is mutual, do not pay the truth, how to get the truth. Therefore, the use of indulgence figure can be happy, to figure a happy life, it is tantamount to fate, there is no truth, how to love.

I think that a man’s style should have a monk who advocated the “true romantic”, but do not easily use “affordable, let go” to free themselves, a true love to pay the true romantic, should be cherished life, with Popular words, the man’s style million should be a good man’s customs million kinds of good man’s style million, should be at least loyal and inclusive and life-long attachment.

And thousands of men and women since the style of love when the million kinds of customs, then the man’s customs 10,000 kinds, in fact, need to look at a woman’s face, bluntly, the so-called customs 10,000 kinds, whether men or women, in fact, like a The play, may not need rehearsals, but there must be a kind of erotic tacit understanding, as steeped in to vent pleasure for the customs million kinds of men or women, their customs is nothing more than 10,000 kinds of animal fervor.

Use a fixed brand of perfume choose you like, and for their own perfume, so that the aroma of your proprietary logo, each time in front of him, he can smell the knowledge, you know you come … …

Men have a deep attachment to the scent of a woman, and the sensory stimulation of the scent can cause the secretion of the pheromone (pheromone), a love catalyst in the brain, to produce an invisible fatal attraction , And in the subconscious for this smell left a deep memory. Scientists have shown that people, like other animals, choose their spouses by smell. In order to attract the attention of the opposite sex, to increase their own charm in the smell, is absolutely necessary as a means.

20 minutes before going out every day, in the wrist, neck, chest and thigh spray perfume on the inside, to ensure that you are captivated by men.

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