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Sugar baby how to dress in order to be concerned about the sugar daddy dating and shopping

When it comes to dress, always have to emphasize the dress to do some of their own look and do? In actual fact, according to occasion dress actually can be considered a expression of their own want to build the image, for their extra points in the smart way of dressing. Even to meet, but also their choice. Of course, you can also say that this is a smooth? But to really be able to be “wearing a ride biao”, what is wrong?

At the author’s point of view, the main quintessence of dressing is to pinpoint the role you play on the occasion. The same is a meeting you may be a small secretary, host, leadership, the same travel you may be honeymoon, may take the son of a girl, may also be business travel … … so you identify the role you play in order to targeted

  1. Meng sister – get sugar daddy

Want to inspire protection? Seems lovely, Meng sister the most effective, whether it is “that killer is not too cold” or the famous “Lolita”, you do not recognize this film’s narrative, are the best proof. And keen on crooked cauda equina and ball head alix cherry to sell a good hand Meng, even if the baby is her mother. And she sells Meng is the Makarong color, flowers, fruits, cartoon animals … … This series of single product.

To make a suggestion for the appointment? Choose a swing coat + miniskirt + knee boots, backing socks / pencil pants can be. In fact, cut off so many men of mold and small Duma have such a look through several times.

2. Sexy young sister – to conquer warm male small meat

How can we not mention this combination of wuli children, get a little more than a small meat and gold who? Can be full of sexy wind is the best dress model. And can be the favorite winter girl wear in addition to pencil pants and tight-fitting dress with a variety of coats, take off his coat when dating, you can come to a big reversal. This group of look too suitable for sexy dress, think about it all. Needless to say, this ride is also the Royal sister Kardashian’s classic dress on behalf of the dress.

Come with this combination of cake to wear a set of their own to be a model, although they are not good enough, but I dare to wear tight-fitting knit dress, and want to small sexy? Off shoulder will not be too boring, took off his coat immediately different.
If the cold? It may not be necessary to choose the strapless paragraph, an ordinary tight skirt enough, slightly warm stuffed inside, with the “garish” small accessories out of color, is also careful machine.
3. Sweet intellectual wind – get the elite male

Sweet intellectual style, in fact, very popular, the best representative Olivia also need more than 100? Ladies girl can always add their own intellectual mix with some sweet elements, to highlight the style.

Well, okay ~ Overall, the cake is not the best style, as long as you choose from your own heart can be

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