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How to let sugar daddy obediently accompany you to go shopping

Love me I would not refuse to do anything with me, not to mention district shopping; I dress hard to make him like, let him feast for the eyes, he does not accompany anyone to accompany him in order to let him pay, not shopping how to line? Feelings, or how do I know how high his taste, like what type of dress, for me to pay cool is not readily, do not have the patience to accompany me to go in the end then you sugar daddy said, do not go shopping,

In fact, life is very much love shopping women, and no age, class distinction. Sugar baby love to go shopping, is their innate nature. Moreover, a woman shopping not only to buy, but also a taste and fun, shopping in their lives is an indispensable content. Women also compared shopping is a review. This review, to meet the sugar baby’s curiosity and grasp of fashion trends.

Women shopping, the thrust of the “shopping.” Money is not yet well-off woman, “visiting” is feast for the enjoyment, similar to “though not meat, expensive and pleasure.” This review-style shopping, harvested a full bag of information, as well as the twitter when the companion’s right to speak. Shopping is still a show. Neon lights under the bustling streets, spotlights dotted with a range of shopping malls, these are a brilliant stage, a woman’s “shopping”, it is their appearance, body to dress a comprehensive display. Therefore, the wise insight, said: “When a woman wearing beautiful clothes is not to please the man, but to make other women worry.” When the marching woman in the street, harvesting a bunch of goodwill or Jingxian eyes, shopping reality Meaning has been further deepened and expanded. Beautiful publicity, comfortable state of mind, happy feeling, was the taste of appreciation, although this is not all shopping, but it is enough temptation. Shopping or a means of achieving a woman possessive. “Women’s wardrobe is always less one,” no matter when and where, the number of women’s clothing is always stretched, women always have good reason to persuade and encourage themselves to buy new clothes. Of course, if nothing to buy, find a place near the cup of coffee, is also very comfortable.

Sugar baby give shopping these effects, which are indispensable favorite “foil” people, single woman is of course invited girlfriends, women in twos and threes go hand in hand, “walk”, walking chat, release the pressure, the liberation of their own. For the woman in love, sugar daddy became a “doing my part” to accompany people, including the sweet and convenient, that state of mind with the extension of the street more cheerful heart, so that women for this “men and women with, Shopping is not tired, “the combination of bored.

British psychologist Dr. David Lewis found through the study, to accompany a woman shopping to the greatest pressure on men, which seems to be a man’s nature dictates. Men like to give gifts, but very afraid of shopping. They are willing to push the responsibility of shopping to his wife or secretary who, when the latter to buy back the time, they feel relieved. Dr. Lewis believes that the attitude of women on shopping is exactly the opposite. For them, shopping is a pleasure, but also the best way to relieve stress. He also explained that these are related to the original division of labor between men and women. Men have the potential as hunters, so when they fail, they will make a quick decision. This potential also directly affects their daily lives, including shopping. Men value is how to buy a gift in as short a time as possible. And as a collector of women, they will use plenty of time to search for their own needs, do not care how much time to spend.

But things are not absolute, the United Kingdom another latest survey shows that women do not love with the male partner or husband shopping together. Most of the women interviewed think they are visiting or visiting friends and children, more pleasant than the companion. European chain of stores MacArthur Glenn for 2000 shopping customers for the survey, women do not like to see the “stroll” companion sigh, stop looking at the watch or refused to enter the store.

Men apparently have difficulties. 35% of the respondents complained that his girlfriend would not go through a shop all the stores; 34% of the time that women make decisions too long; 31% insisted not into the store, waiting outside the door only.

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