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Big Man Doctrine? These 4 overbearing do not apply to sugar daddy dating

Successful man in the cause, in love is not necessarily successful. Some men are too cowardly, and some men are too proud. But not to say good, Sugar baby, president of love big bully it? If you just think so, then you are wrong, in fact, these 4 high-handed does not apply to sugar daddy dating.


1.Speak to anger

The workplace, Sugar daddy accustomed to finger-pointing. That is, subordinates must listen to your command, and then act according to what you mean. You can love the field, the other is your partner can not be treated in the same way. Your position is equal, no one has to obey the truth. Even if the other side is to love you, you can not put her like a slave to play round and round.


Successful men to self-centered, that sugar baby should be what they are down. Love in the men and women, who is a symbol of love who is down. But does not mean that you are one hundred percent correct. Conceited, the other side either negative treatment, or intolerable began to resist. Relationship also continues, will also affect each other’s feelings. Really love her, you can not for her sake?

3. Say not

Asked to listen to the dialect, not the slightest room for discussion – you think, so okay? Your proposal is reasonable and the other party has no objection. Your proposal is too much, but also requires the other must be done. If you do not, that is not love your performance. This idea can not have, this error can not commit. Workplace set of strategies, the situation does not work.

4. possessive strong

Successful men have a particularly obvious advantage, they will subconsciously think: girlfriend will obediently obedient. Almost his appurtenances, he would like to rub round get flat can. The other party, you have to obey unconditionally. Once the other party has any criticism, he will be frantic. Rebellion is not it? Or even limit each other’s social activities, completely deprived of freedom of dating.

If men want to love the same success, or to be more appropriate as well …

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