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9 little tips make sugar baby addicted to you

Sugar daddy want to find a good girlfriend, it is important to catch her hand, but let her “addiction” is more important to you. Once the sugar baby is “addicted” to you, she will find ways to think for you, stay with you, do everything you can to give you happiness. So, how can we make a woman “addictive” to you?

Get her in a normal sense

Most of the men in the first time and the woman met when things messed up. Meet can not seem nervous and no sense of security, must be natural and generous. As long as you can control yourself, treat all women in a normal sense, you will immediately become a powerful magnet to attract women.

Become her prey

If you show hunger and thirst, the woman is definitely not interested in you. Based on a strange psychological, women like not to care about their men. For women, it is a challenge to attract men who have no time to care for him.

Do not ask stupid questions

When a woman thinks you are a certain person, they will not change you. So do not ask the flow of the problem, so that ladies think you are a low-level people.

Do not once fully meet her

A woman is like a fresh creatures, the more frequent you appear in front of her, the more you are not interested. Try not to let each other meet too long. When talking about the strength, immediately told him that you need to take a step forward. In this way, she will be particularly looking forward to your next date.

Give care when appropriate

Women like to be the care of men, which will make them think you are a close person. But do not remember, do not just have to give them to send expensive gifts, which will make women think you just want to buy her flesh. Say some sweet words, let the woman know you have her heart. In this way, she will always think about you.

Let her addicted to you

Want to let a woman chase you, let her always think of you. You can try to refuse her appointment invitation, let her head kept speculation that you do not date with her reasons. You can tell her: “you ask me? But this Friday I seem to be away, there is a woman about me out to see the movie.” This way she will think you have a market, and strive to make you Think she is better than any other woman.

 test her patience

This is one of the most important know-how. If you want to flip the situation over, let the woman chase you, you will reveal a kind of you are not non-her gesture. You can ask him this question: “Do you think you compared with other girls, where different?” This is a psychological war, do not lose!

 generous performance humorous

This is the most basic but most useful technique. A woman with you if you can always laugh, she will always think of you, hope to see you as soon as possible. No matter how noble he looks, her natural reaction is to think more and talk to you.

 Do not speak your name easily

The essence of this trick is to let the woman take the initiative. Do not talk directly with the woman just said your name, let her ask you. To create a strong mysterious atmosphere is to let a woman take the initiative to pursue your king.

A woman can be considerate of the moment care about the care of men will inevitably make a woman moved, women tend to care about the same love, because love her will be so concerned about her, this is the sensibility of women. However, the woman’s point is often used by lust and bad men, so women have to be vigilant, carefully identify whether this concern is true or false.

Men want to get a woman’s heart, in fact, is not very easy, so want to catch her the most real point is that care and care of her, do not hypocrites.

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