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6 dating skills – get twice the effort to enjoy the sugar daddy dating

Sugar daddy dating¬†this is a sweet thing, to see the heart of the object, a successful date can make each other’s relationship further, but found that many single men and women do not know how to get along with the opposite sex, resulting in the original good Dating eventually self-defeating, Xiaobian exclusive disclosure of these dating tips, so that love can be more effective.what to wear?

1, what to wear?

Sugar baby wear sweaters and skirts can show their feminine, a refreshing makeup on it. Men do not need to wear too formal suit, of course, casual slippers are rejected, a simple shirt coupled with jeans, and then wear a pair of casual shoes on the very appropriate. In addition, it should be noted that the shirt must not wrinkled, do not bearded, a little dressing will look comfortable a lot. said that the first impression often affects the entire dating atmosphere, must not be ignored.

2, when the appointment?

The best five minutes in advance to the men, do not be late, a woman can check out the point to, or late to a few minutes, so that men feel that waiting for an important person. Do not worry too much about whether you are early or late, unless you are late for 15 minutes or more, or you will not really have a real impact on your blind date.

3, talk about what?

In addition to the former other casual. Men can be self-deprecating to the active atmosphere, quickly narrow the distance between each other. No interest in hobbies. But some topics or to be cautious, such as deposits, as well as other obvious shortcomings, you can laugh, but do not laugh at each other.

4, what to eat?

Want to eat anything. Crab, sauce skeleton of these eating phase is not very elegant, for the first impression or tolerance of a tolerance it. In some people seems to be dark food, such as durian, coriander, before the next one is recommended to ask the other is not acceptable.

Women usually eat very little when dating. According to research data show that 63% of men think that women can eat more healthy, not contrived, on the contrary do not eat the girl is not sexy. So, let go belly, eat. Blind date, women do not drink. In general, men drink more than women, consumption of alcohol consumption before blind date, the next is likely to bring trouble to their own. When you get drunk blind date to the extent that you are not enough.

5, how to end the date?

Decide when to end an appointment based on the appointment. If men and women are interested in each other, to send a woman home is a good opportunity to show. If a man intentionally, a woman ruthless, she would let a man called her a taxi. Of course, if both sides have no intention of each other after the end of each other say good-bye probably enough.

6, how to know a man is not tempted?

After the date, if the man did not take the initiative to contact a woman, or a man is not tempted; or encountered a man trying to escape. Although only a small number of men moved the heart, but in order to master the initiative dating, dating ends within three days they will not contact each other. If a woman can not be reconciled, you can take the initiative to send him a message, if he did not reply, do not hesitate, there is no spark between you

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