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10 Sugar daddy and Sugar baby share most of the time they have sex for a day

My Sugar daddy¬†and I were rescued a couple of weeks ago in New York City. On that Saturday, we can not really go out to do anything, so we start the morning sex and decide to have a “sleep day”. We alternately in the bones, eating rotten, watching TV. We did it six times in about 12 hours. – Brenda F.

I have a very hot sex with this guy and I just started to see that we came up with the idea of getting it in the number of times we can within 24 hours. We went four times and could do more, but at one point, it became uncomfortable with the body. Oh, very tired. “- Hilary P.

“When I and a group of friends in a beach trip, I and a female friend in the first night to get married .I quickly came, it was embarrassing .But later a few nights, I really drank cheap beer, We ended up in the evening three more times in the morning. “- Robert A.

Because you may be eavesdropping in the locker room, trying to get as much sex as possible in the day is one thing. In the quest for orgasmic pleasure, the couple brave the abrasions, weariness and dehydration – all set in the name of the personal record (or just really enjoy sex). Of course, we want to know how many ambitious couples have done in a day’s time, and how to get rid of these steaming marathons. So we asked a few people to give us their PR in bed. Ready to take a slow beat.

Me and my sugar baby seven times in a row, let me tell you one thing: This is not as interesting as I thought. At one of the rush hour, she asked me to call a sick job and then spend a whole day with her. It was a lot, my penis began to ache, feeling primitive. This is our most complete in one day. “-Brandon E.

I thought we were four rounds, but I did not get off every time. I also think I’m super dehydration, which may be why I can not finish. We had to drink lots of fluid and use a lot of oil. However, this is very interesting. – Jared M.

“I only had sex twice a day and I thought it was enough for me, and I did not want to be so many times in such a short time that I gave up on how awesome it was.

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